It’s getting colder outside. And sometimes all we want is to wrap ourselves up in a fluffy coat with some ordinary basics underneath and that’s it. That ‘s the outfit. But fall and winter deserve some fashion fun, too. And that means Jacki Collet.

Jacki Collet is a Belgian female-friendly clothing label, created by the fashion designer Elke Peeters. Through her stylish creations, Peeters encourages women’s authenticity and self-expression in every body shape.

The brand believes that dressing up is an art that we can master. Especially, if we would like to make a difference in a world where money rules and inspiration and individuality are usually taboo.

How fascinating does that sound?!



“Buy less, buy better. Same dress, different girl”

Never has a fashion concept spoken to us so hard as Jacki Collet’s. And it makes total sense, since the label offers premium materials with outstanding designs. The result is a ‘wow’ effect, which transmits elegance and confidence to brighten up any room.

Jacki Collet transcends the concept of buying a piece of clothing. It is an investment in yourself and a celebration of who you are and all you can be. 

“With this I want to show that investing in Jacki Collet clothing is not a waste of money. You will notice that you can always make new combinations with pieces that you have cherished for a long time. You build, as it was, a wardrobe that withstands time. Averse to the seasons, but also to what the silly fashion industry dictates. In other words, Jacki Collet is an identity”, said Peeters.



The heart and soul behind Jacki Collet

In 2006, she hung up her notebook as a journalist and immersed herself in the fashion world. Since then, her creations went from contemporary jewelry to 80’s Kempen inspired denim.

“Being a seamstress was my grandmother’s big dream. The war decided otherwise. Going to school was suddenly no longer an option. Years later, she learned to sew from a good friend. It was not a surprise that my mother grew up in a house full of patterns, pins and fabrics. Just like me”, told Peeters.

In 1991, Elke Peeters moved to Antwerp to study jewelry design at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts. But the fashion universe is so vast that she could not help, but extend her creativity to the clothing segment.

In 2015, she set up her studio in Antwerp and launched Jacki Collet, a 100% Belgian women’s  clothing brand.



Inclusive fashion matters

Luckily, Peeter’s fashion creativity has expanded together with Jacki Collet’s size range. And luckily, the brand has an inclusive fitting gamma, which goes from 34 to 54.

Elke doesn’t find herself in the average plus-size offering. She believes that every woman has the right to dress classy, ​​regardless of her body shape. She is not concerned with size, but with beauty’s soul.

“Lately, it’s a matter of feeling good in your clothes. Size is the least important. Don’t let the sizes on the labels and a thousand one so-called rules determine your life. You are so much more than that! Be proud of who you are and create your own style”, said Peeters.


The more sustainable, the better 

Jacki Collet is one of the most sustainable Belgian women’s fashion brands. Its collections are fully conceived, developed and produced in Antwerp.

Their production is completely national, without stocks or lines abroad.

Therefore, no unnecessary transport is used. Each piece is produced and spread in the most sustainable way possible. 






Jacki Collet at Scruples

We are more than happy to host part of Jacki Collet’s unique collection. Interested? Come discover it by us and check our special prices! The drinks are on Scruples and from €250,00 in purchases, you earn a customised Jackie Collet T-shirt.


Wednesday, 9th November, from 19:00 to 21:00

Friday, 11th November, from 14:00 to 16:00


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